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Estate Agents Amendment Act

4 May 2017

New legislation governing how agents quote and market residential property will come into effect on 1 May 2017.

The Estate Agents Amendment (Underquoting) Bill 2016 prescribes how agents are to determine estimated selling prices for residential property, revision of those estimates as well as the provision of an information fact sheet to buyers. Read More

Thinking about selling your home?

23 February 2016

Owning a home is the original Aussie dream. It’s about claiming your patch of good old Aussie lawn and still makes perfect economic sense.

Whether you’re looking to cash in on this real estate bubble before it pops—or simply wanting to move to a bigger home — selling your home can often be more stressful than dreamy. Not only do you have to find a real estate agent (well really you don’t have to look too far as you’ve already found us!). You need to prep your home for open homes and worry about the packing up and moving of your entire life. 

7 Smart Ways to Spruce Up Your Open House

10 February 2016

There is a myriad of ways to market real estate in the 21st century, but in the end the traditional open home is still one of the best types of marketing out there.

If you are gearing up for your own open for inspection, you might want to incorporate these 7 tips into your preparation. These can make any open home more effective, and they could even make your home sell more quickly.

A special offer to our Owners Corporation clients

18 December 2015

Doepel Lilley & Taylor is Ballarat's Owners Corporation Management specialist with extensive experience in Owners Corporation Management throughout Ballarat and surrounding areas.  

We are also proud to have an exceptional Property Management team who are committed to achieving positive outcomes for both investors and tenants - a team of professionals who listen to your needs and understand your goals.

We believe building personal relationships will ultimately deliver the best results and we understand that managing your property is about more than just collecting rent.  We are committed to ensuring your investment property is looked after, both inside and out. 

Do This Before Selling Your House and Buying A Home

10 December 2015

Want to increase the equity in your home for sale? You need to take the emotion out of it and start thinking of it as an asset.

A transition in your mindset starts to take place when you begin the process of selling your home. You see your home not as a home, but as a financial asset, and the question becomes how do you get the most equity out of your house?

Should you list your home for sale over the Christmas period?

12 November 2015

Is the holiday season a good time to sell your property?

Opinions are divided. Some believe it is not because most people go away on their summer break during this period, which means you may have a limited number of potential buyers. On the other hand though, others think that Christmas season can be a good time to sell a home as the time can be perfect to attract a better price for the house. 

Watering Tips That Will Make Your Garden Thrive

6 November 2015
Everyone understands that watering is a necessary part in the maintenance of any garden, but many gardeners could be more efficiently watering their plants. 

To do this, it is very important to know how much water is best for your plants, because some types of plants will require more water, while others will be okay with less. Be sure that you check the watering directions for the plants in your garden so that you can provide your plants with the precise amount of water that is right for them.

Being bushfire ready for a long hot summer

15 October 2015

By all reports Victoria is looking ahead to a long hot summer, and a very real threat of a hazardous bushfire season.

Previous hot, dry fire seasons have shown us how potentially devastating bush fires can be – both in terms of lives lost and lives that have to be rebuilt through the loss or severe damage to property and belongings.

And previous seasons have also shown us that bushfires do not just affect those living in rural areas – cities and suburbs are not immune.

Presenting Ploughmans Arms Estate

15 October 2015

Doepels has a long and strong history in Ballarat real estate, and is proud to partner with new housing development, Ploughmans Arms Estate.

Ploughmans Arms Estate sits within the Ballarat West Growth Zone on the southern fringe of Ballarat in the suburb of Bonshaw. The Estate is a large, masterplanned community with around 250 allotments on offer.

Like Doepels, the site is steeped in history, having seen several generations of family farming and as the original site of the Ploughmans Arms Hotel in the mid-1800s.

Ballarat to host the Archibald Prize Exhibition

23 September 2015

Spring and autumn are most definitely the best seasons to get out and enjoy what’s on offer in Ballarat – not too hot, and not too cold.

And throw in school holidays, there is plenty on offer! Including what’s on offer at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Probably one of the most exciting exhibitions to come to Ballarat in a while is the touring exhibition of the 2015 Archibald Prize.

How we manage your investment property

11 September 2015

Buying an investment property is a big deal. Usually it is exactly that – an investment – so it is vitally important to ensure that the property is well maintained and looked after by any tenants that make it their home – short or long term.

Doepels has been managing properties in the Ballarat market for decades. We follow a professional and effective process that gives our landlords with an assurance that protecting their investment is our priority.

Eight tips for buying an investment property

11 September 2015

Australians love to invest in property.

Investing in property is all about increasing your wealth and securing your financial future. But not all investment properties deliver positive results, so it is vitally important that you know how to effectively manage your investment for the best return.

The cost of owning an investment property can be surprisingly low after you take into account rental income and tax deductions you may be able to claim.

Here are some things you must consider to make it a successful experience with great returns!

Buying to live or invest in the Ballarat property market

19 August 2015

With interest rates sitting at an all-time low in Australia, there are many people considering either entering the property market for the first time, or considering a foray into investing in property.

In the current climate many first time home buyers who live in capital cities, close to work and amenities that suit their lifestyle, are opting to continue renting and are instead buying their first property as an investment in booming regional centres.

Thinking of selling in spring? Here’s what you need to do now….

4 August 2015

With interest rates so low now is a great time to think about that move you have been planning – so getting your home ready for a spring marketing campaign starts……now!

If it has been a while since you have played in the property market, there a few things you might need to consider. The low interest rates means that buyers are becoming more demanding, and far savvier about the real estate market. So presenting your property at its optimum for a successful sale is key.

Nominations for the SCA (Vic) Awards are now open!

29 June 2015
In 2014, Doepels Owners Corporation Management Team were the proud recipients of the Strata Community Australia (SCA) (Victoria) Client Award, recognising our teams outstanding service to our Owners Corporation clients.

Nominations for the 2015 awards are now open.

Welcome to our news updates

18 June 2015

Hello to our past and present Doepel Lilley & Taylor clients.

Whether we have served you in buying or selling a home, managing your rental property or overseeing your developments’ Owners Corporation, we are grateful you have chosen to deal with us.

7 reasons why Ballarat is a great place to invest

18 June 2015

It’s not hard for us to convince many of you what makes Ballarat and the surrounding region such a great place to live – after all many of you already live here! The beautiful buildings of the historical city, the gardens, dining and café options, sporting facilities and proximity to Melbourne and the Surf Coast all make it an easy choice. 

Perhaps we won’t mention the climate.