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Should you list your home for sale over the Christmas period?

12 November 2015

Is the holiday season a good time to sell your property?

Opinions are divided. Some believe it is not because most people go away on their summer break during this period, which means you may have a limited number of potential buyers. On the other hand though, others think that Christmas season can be a good time to sell a home as the time can be perfect to attract a better price for the house. 

Traditionally during the holidays, the number of houses available on the real estate market decreases, which lowers the competition among sellers and elevates the competition among buyers. As buyers bid to be the first to get a home they like, they can end up offering a higher price than the original one. People who are finding real estate properties during Christmas are fairly serious about purchasing, so they are likely to make a speedy sale as they want to quickly move and get settled before they welcome the New Year.  

Based on this, if you decide to put your home on sale over the real estate market during Christmas, just make sure you have a home that’s presentable and can indeed attract potential buyers. Aside from bringing a bright, light atmosphere on the summer month of the Christmas, the season can also improve the attractiveness of a property through making it look festive. If you struggle a bit on the decorating side of things, you can follow some tips below to make your property more inviting to prospective buyers. 

  • Make sure your decorations are in good taste. Remove all sorts of clutter in the home, and then organise some simple Christmas decorations. Make sure the decorations complement the colours and theme of your house. Don’t put too many as this can make your home look too full and smaller. It is important to make your home inviting without compromising the space and its airy look.

  • Use a smaller Christmas tree. Do you have a Christmas tree the size of a larger person standing in your living room? Why not try replacing it with a smaller one? This way, you can save space to make the room bigger and potential buyers will be able to imagine the home without the decorations.

  • Remove items that are too personal, like photos. By doing this it is easier for potential buyers to be able to visualize themselves living in your home. 

Aside from the styling of your home, check your ventilation. Because it is the summer period prospective buyers will want to be sure your home is well ventilated and airy. 

Once your home is completely prepared, get it listed!  Call Doepels on 5331 2000 or email