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7 reasons why Ballarat is a great place to invest

18 June 2015

It’s not hard for us to convince many of you what makes Ballarat and the surrounding region such a great place to live – after all may of you already live here! The beautiful buildings of the historical city, the gardens, dining and café options, sporting facilities and proximity to Melbourne and the Surf Coast all make it an easy choice. Perhaps we won’t mention the climate.

In the City of Ballarat’s ‘Our vision of 2040’ report that was release recently, the strategy noted that:

  • There are likely to be more than 144,000 people living in Ballarat by 2040 – 46,000 more than in 2015

  • Ballarat will have an even more important role in the Western Victoria region and most of the region’s growth will be here

  • The number of people per household will probably be even lower, increasing the number of homes required

  • Ballarat’s own footy team will win the AFL Premiership – by more than 100 points, naturally (hmmm not sure where that one came from but let’s hope so!)

Property investment opportunities have always been great in the Ballarat region, never more so than today, and here are 7 reasons why:

  • Lifestyle: Ballarat offers a nice mix of city and country living. It is easy to get around yet offers impressive, state of the art facilities in the areas of education and health. It is a hub for major sporting events, arts and cultural activities.

  • Affordability: Homes and land in Ballarat are far more affordable that in Melbourne or Geelong. There is a mix of beautiful period homes and contemporary fresh architecture, small blocks to large residential and peri-urban land offerings, all with easy access to facilities and amenities.

  • Accessibility: Ballarat is easily accessible from Melbourne, Geelong and the Western Region, making it an attractive and affordable option for those wanting to live in a semi-rural setting, but still work in the metro area.

  • Education: Ballarat is a university town, therefore the demand for student housing and accommodation is always strong. The quality of primary and secondary schooling options is exceptional.

  • Growth: The population of Ballarat is predicted to grow by more than 46,000 people in the next 25 years, but research shows that there will be fewer people occupying each dwelling, meaning the demand for housing in the region will be great. (CoB Our Vision of 2040)

  • Low vacancy rates: Ballarat has always enjoyed one of the lowest vacancy rates in Victoria, with the education and health sectors driving high demand for quality rental properties.

  • High rental returns: Housing in Ballarat is far more affordable than many other major centres and therefore the return on investment is high. Demand for rental properties in the region also dictates higher rental returns.

If you would like more information about the opportunities to purchase an investment property in Ballarat please contact:

Robert Cunningham
Director - Doepel Lilley & Taylor

03 5331 2000