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Preparing your home for sale

When you have lived in a property for a long period of time it is sometimes difficult to see that whilst every property has good points, some areas can always benefit from maintenance or improvement.  When presenting your property for sale, it is important to ensure that the detail is looked after in order to ensure you attract the best possible price.  Don't forget - first impressions count for a lot!

Here are some pointers to think about when preparing your property for sale:

Less is more!

Removing excess furniture and ornaments can make spaces feel bigger and allow potential buyers the opportunity to 'see' themselves in your home with their own belongings. Clean out wardrobes and cupboards and ensure kitchen and bathroom surfaces are clear and clean.  If necessary, start to pack some items in boxes (you are going to have to pack anyway!) and store them at a friend's house, or rent a short term storage unit.

Be critical

Look around your home with a critical eye and decide what small odd jobs can be done to polish the presentation of your home.  Look out for things like:



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